Bakari is much more than a brand.

It’s a fusion between the most traditional craftsmanship and the most contemporary designs. It’s to present the current trends using methods of old.
It’s a philosophy, a way of being, it combines commitment, social responsibility and respect for the environment altogether.

Contemporary jewelry and fashion accessories made in Spain. Ideology and design, tradition and modernity, commitment, respect and responsibility.

Bakari is you, it’s me, Bakari is all of us.

No matter what you do, no matter who you are, #feelBakari


To the environment: We work with eco-silver 100% recycled and with FSC-certified wood. Our production is based on the upcycling trend, we always try to work with zero-waste policy.

To society: 3% of each sale goes to the Coni Association specializing in cooperation for development with the indigenous communities of Guatemala. http://prueba.asociacionconi.org/

To tradition: Everything is produced in an artisanal way, we work with Spanish professionals at all levels, from manufacturing to materials. That makes our carbon footprint minimal.

Behind Bakari

Carmen Lopez likes things to be made well. She enjoys getting lost in the details without considering the amount of time its takes. She likes to wander between concepts, play with materials, textures and shapes, reinvent and learn.

Because above all, she loves to create. Three years ago she founded Bakari, and since then she has not stopped for a second. The process of designing a model through a sketch, and the fact that then it becomes in the end a physical product, fascinates her.

Always considering the time. Time as a concept, with a past from which to learn and a present dedicated to taking care of our future. Surrounded by natural and recycled materials, being the upcycling her main philosophy, Carmen treats carefully our planet, and it is reflected in each piece she has created.

Carmen is Bakari, what about you?

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